COVID Recovery Group

Restoring Health After COVID-19

If you're among the many who have battled COVID-19, you might be dealing with lingering fatigue, mental fog, and declining health. Perhaps you feel trapped in a cycle of illness with no clear way forward.

But fear not, because we have a solution. Our COVID Recovery Group program is here to help you reclaim your vitality and well-being after experiencing COVID-19. Whether you've recently recovered or are grappling with persistent symptoms of Long COVID, this program is designed to support your journey to better health.

What Makes Us Different

What sets our program apart from traditional healthcare approaches? While conventional methods often focus on managing symptoms, our program takes a different approach. We provide a collaborative and supportive group environment where you'll find a community of individuals sharing similar experiences and access to cutting-edge functional healthcare interventions.

Functional healthcare education for Long COVID? Absolutely! In July 2023, a report from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) highlighted the significance of functional healthcare interventions in preventing and managing COVID-19, including Long COVID, alongside conventional treatments. These findings underscore the importance of a holistic healthcare approach that addresses the root causes of health issues and supports overall well-being.

The Power of Group Programs

Participating in a group program like ours offers unique advantages. It provides a holistic, integrative approach to healthcare with a focus on well-being and community support. Group sessions foster a sense of belonging and understanding, ensuring you're not navigating this journey alone.

Sharing your experiences with peers who understand can provide valuable insights and motivation. Group sessions also allow for more interaction, enabling deeper discussions, building self-care skills, and incorporating mindfulness practices into your healthcare routine.

Are you ready for a transformative health experience? Here's what you can expect from our program:

  • Cutting-Edge Health Knowledge: Expert guidance on personalized, lifestyle-based functional healthcare approaches supported by research cited by APEC, aimed at enhancing your immune system and aiding recovery from post-COVID symptoms.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access to tools for goal setting, program tracking, personalized meal plans, kitchen tips, exclusive recipes, sleep improvement advice, intermittent fasting insights, and more.
  • Interactive Group Education: Engage in live sessions led by Dr. David Ward, DC, offering personalized, lifestyle-based support.
  • Community Connection: Join private group chats for mutual support and shared experiences, enhancing your journey.
  • Nutrition Optimization: Receive expert instruction on tailoring your diet for inflammation reduction and improving digestive health.
  • Stress Reduction: Participate in guided relaxation practices to promote emotional well-being, reduce inflammation, and enhance mental clarity.
  • Accessible Exercise: Benefit from exercise programs designed for all fitness levels, supporting your journey to better health.
  • Quality Sleep: Learn guidelines for improved sleep quality, essential for overall well-being.
  • Toxin Reduction: Discover strategies to reduce toxin exposure, mitigating inflammation and its impact on the immune system.
  • Supplement Savings: Optional access to exclusive discounts on supplements proven effective in supporting immune health and managing Long COVID symptoms.
  • Personalized Profiling: Gain insights into your cognitive health through laboratory metabolic profiling and biological age assessment (optional add-on).

This program is your path to a vibrant, healthy future. Together, we'll unlock your health potential and enhance your well-being! Don't miss out on this opportunity. New groups are starting soon, and registration for the next group is open now.

Click below to reserve your seat today and let's work on recovering from COVID-19 together!

About Entavida

Known for our successful outcomes, the team at Entavida uses an integrative, functional healthcare viewpoint informed by advanced lab testing and your personal story.

Our proven approach to diagnosing and resolving chronic health issues recognizes that lasting health depends on resolving the underlying root causes of your symptoms. Click here to learn more »

Unique Approach

At Entavida, we look at the body in a complete manner. We evaluate systemic imbalances, from immune function to gut and brain health. This allows us to address the underlying causes of your frustrating symptoms that keep you from feeling your best.

We empower you with lifelong health skills and therapies that can help you conquer health challenges. Click here to learn more about our approach.

Your Next Steps

After you have reviewed the information on our website and in our downloadable guides, we’d love to hear from you! We are also available to answer more specific questions about our approach.

Simply apply for a free discovery consult with our patient coordinator at 720.741.7853 or via our online appointment scheduler.

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