The Stages and Symptoms

Cognitive decline unfolds in stages:

  1. Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD): Memory and thinking issues without clear test results. Often only noticed by the person or close ones. It might lead to more severe conditions like dementia.
  2. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): Beyond SCD, testing shows problems in memory, organizing, speaking, and calculating. About 15% with MCI develop dementia in two years, and one-third develop Alzheimer's within five years.
  3. Dementia: A broad term for severe cognitive problems which can include Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline. Memory loss is an early sign, followed by challenges in reading, writing, speaking, safety awareness, and personality changes.

Understanding these stages helps in early intervention and support.

Rethinking Alzheimer's Treatment

There is no pharmaceutical cure for Alzheimer's. There is, however, widespread recognition and recommendations that early intervention is the key to prevent or halt the decline from progressing to severe impairment and loss of function.

Traditional treatments focus on the idea that memory loss is linked to chemicals in the aging brain, like acetylcholine. Others target amyloid plaque, thought to cause dementia.  Yet, many experimental studies question these aging brain and chemical theories.  Because, if these medications were effective, cognitive decline wouldn't be on the rise.

We need new approaches for this growing problem.

Uncovering Alzheimer's Secrets

Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD, a professor at the Easton Laboratories for Neurodegenerative Disease Research, decoded the biochemistry behind Alzheimer's memory loss. After 30 years of study, he has revealed Alzheimer's as a complex issue caused by repeated insults like toxins, infections, and nutrient and hormone shortages. From his research, Dr. Bredesen created the ReCODE (REversal of Cognitive DEcline) program.  It's a tailored lifestyle plan aiming to find and tackle the root causes of cognitive decline.

For years, Dr. Bredesen sought to unlock the secrets of cognitive decline. In 2018, he published a landmark paper in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease & Parkinsonism, revealing the results of treating 100 patients using his innovative multi-component, precision healthcare approach. The outcome? A revelation! Many patients showed clear signs of improvement.

Unlocking Evidence That Works

Then, in 2021 another milestone was reached. A study published in the journal, Biomedicines, echoed the success of the ReCODE program. An analysis of 255 individuals with cognitive impairment demonstrated something remarkable—74% of them experienced stable or improved cognition. Compare this to traditional drugs that can, at best, only slow down the decline.

But there's more. In a groundbreaking pilot study, the ReCODE approach achieved something monumental—improving cognitive scores in over 80% of patients. This remarkable feat, documented in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, involved individuals aged 50 to 76, all grappling with MCI (pre-Alzheimer's) or early-stage dementia. Each patient received personalized treatment, addressing factors like inflammation, insulin resistance, nutrient deficiencies, and more. The results are a testament to the power of personalized care.

Our approach draws on Bredesen's pioneering research. It's a path that works, especially for the most motivated and dedicated patients. In fact, many who embark on this journey not only witness cognitive improvements but also enjoy enhanced overall health. Think improved blood sugar, reduced inflammation, and better cholesterol profiles. It's the kind of transformation we're passionate about.

In August 2023, Dr. Heather Sandison added another layer to the narrative. Her research, published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, continued the investigation into the ReCODE protocol’s cognitive benefits through personalized lifestyle intervention. Over six months, participants were assessed using rigorous cognitive tests. The outcome? Truly inspiring.

Dr. Sandison's study found that after six months of intervention, participants demonstrated significant cognitive improvements. MoCA scores soared, from 19.6 ± 3.1 to 21.7 ± 6.2 (p = 0.013), indicating enhanced cognitive performance. Moreover, across all domains of the cognitive battery, including memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and concentration, significant enhancements were observed.

Dr. Sandison remarked, "It's incredibly fulfilling to witness patients regaining cognitive function and the profound impact it has on both them and their loved ones."

So, what's the secret to these remarkable results? It lies in understanding the intricate connections between gut health, inflammation, hormones, nutrition, and even environmental factors impacting your brain. It's a holistic approach, delving into your toxic load and assessing how your environment might be influencing your cognitive health.

ReCODE’s multimodal, functional healthcare approach is not just beneficial for your brain—evidence shows it’s a boon for your entire body. By examining your whole system and guiding you toward necessary changes, we make genuine transformation possible. Early intervention and personalized care can be the keys to a brighter cognitive future.

This research demonstrates just some of the reasons why Dr. Ward was an early adopter and practitioner of the ReCODE protocol. In fact, he is one of a few providers nationwide certified as a ReCODE 2.0 practitioner. To learn more about how our functional healthcare practice aligns with this groundbreaking research, we invite you to schedule a free discovery consult. Don't wait to uncover the best, next steps for your cognitive health. It's time to unlock your full potential.

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