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Researchers and doctors have for years speculated that changes to your DNA methylation, influenced by diet and lifestyle, could alter gene expression and impact how your body functions. Since then, they’ve discovered that making the right adjustments offers protection against certain cancers and age-related diseases, and can even reverse biological aging.

Recent studies have shown that targeted diet and lifestyle interventions hold the potential to reverse epigenetic aging. Central to this process is DNA methylation, a key epigenetic mechanism cells use to regulate gene expression. As we age, whether naturally or prematurely, DNA methylation decreases, leading to a diminished ability to control gene expression. However, with proper support and guidance, it's possible to increase methylation, thereby slowing down and even reversing the aging process.

Entavida has partnered with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald's Younger You program to offer a complimentary subjective Biological Age Self-Assessment (BASA). This questionnaire serves as a valuable tool to identify areas of strength and needed improvement in your lifestyle choices.

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Paying close attention to your responses can unveil strengths and areas for growth. For those areas where you identify opportunities to reduce your pace of aging, we recommend discussing your results with a certified Younger You practitioner, such as Dr. Ward.

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