What Is Autoimmunity?

As mentioned, autoimmunity occurs when an overburdened immune system becomes hypersensitized. So how do you become so sensitized? Normally, your immune system is already very busy fighting off a wide variety of invaders – including allergens, toxins, bacteria, and viruses.

Our immune system encounters countless insults every day. The three primary insults are toxins, infections, and inflammation-promoting foods.

Beyond toxic overload and chronic infections, gut issues are a major catalyst for compromised immune function. Increased intestinal permeability ("leaky gut") is considered a precursor for many if not all autoimmune illnesses.

With these constant exposures your immune system stays on “high alert” all the time. This can cause it to start to attack healthy tissues and even entire organs. Common areas impacted include, joints, brain, skin, and glands, such as your thyroid.

Dealing With Autoimmune Disorders

Typically, when people are diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, their doctor gives them the impression that this is their "new normal" for the rest of their life, implying or incorrectly believing that it isn’t reversible. But that’s not always true, especially if you treat autoimmune issues early.

Often, the standard approach is to prescribe medications to help manage the symptoms – but they don’t really deal with the root causes. What’s worse, many people report still feeling ill on these medications which is unfortunately not surprising. As the prescriptions do nothing to address the underlying imbalances and causes of inflammation that triggered the autoimmune issues in the first place.

As a result, autoimmune disorders tend to leave many people feeling stuck & unsupported. While conventional practices focus on prescription medicines, there is a better way to treat and potentially reverse the autoimmune process by addressing all the root causes of this chronic illness.

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition doesn’t have to mean you can’t lead a vibrant, rich life – because when you work with the right guide by your side, healing is possible. The key to treating autoimmune disorders successfully is to get the right kind of care, as soon as possible.

Autoimmune disorders typically arise from multiple triggers. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a functional healthcare provider that’s trained to untangle these chronic issues at the "root" level: Running the correct lab tests to reveal what’s wrong, and then crafting a custom treatment protocol tailored to your specific situation.

Addressing autoimmune disorders often involves changes to your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle. This includes optimizing sleep, managing stress, and incorporating appropriate movement and exercise. After all you’ve struggled with, it may sound too simple, but it’s customized to your needs and once the triggers are identified, it’s incredibly effective and healing.

At Entavida, our clinical team uses the most advanced methods to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of autoimmune illnesses through our in-depth program to get your body back on track.

Following advanced lab tests and a detailed discussion of your symptoms and history, our team can map out an effective treatment plan that we will execute together with plenty of support and guidance.

If you have been experiencing symptoms that may be connected with autoimmune disorders and are looking for answers, schedule a free discovery consult with our team today!

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