Retain Your Brain: Taking Charge of Cognitive Health Together

Have you ever experienced those frustrating moments when you misplace your keys or forget a familiar name? It's a part of life, but when those memory lapses start to worry you, it's time to take action. That's where "Retain Your Brain" comes into play.

Understanding Cognitive Health

Cognitive decline is a challenge that many of us face, whether we're worried about our future cognitive health or have already experienced declines. It's a concern that traditional healthcare often falls short in addressing. The latest Alzheimer's drugs come with significant limitations and costs, making them inaccessible to many. They might slow down the progression, but they don't aim to restore and maintain cognitive health.

The Difference

Retain Your Brain is not your typical healthcare program. It's a weekly online group healthcare support and educational program designed to tackle cognitive decline head-on. It's built on evidence-based research supporting functional and integrative philosophies and approaches that emphasize lifestyle modification, stress management, toxic exposures, and addressing chronic inflammation.

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Proactive and Restorative: Unlike the pharmaceutical treatments that merely slow the decline, Retain Your Brain focuses on prevention and restoration. Our approach is all about helping you regain and maintain your cognitive abilities.
  2. Inclusive and Supportive: The pharmaceutical alternatives come with stringent eligibility criteria that exclude many. Mostly due to chronic health conditions and brain scan abnormalities, common in older adults, but only a small percentage of people may be eligible to receive new drugs like aducanumab and lecanemab. You won't face those limitations here. Instead, you'll be part of a supportive community of individuals who share your concerns, including helping you address those chronic health conditions that contribute to cognitive decline in the first place.
  3. Holistic Well-being: Our program is firmly grounded in evidence-based health and holistic well-being. We're dedicated to empowering you to take control of your cognitive health through lifestyle changes, stress management, and addressing chronic inflammation.

The Power of Group Programs

Group programs like Retain Your Brain offer unique advantages. They create a sense of community and support, ensuring you're not on this journey alone. Additionally, you'll connect with others who share similar experiences and can offer insights and motivation. Group programs are also cost-effective and promote healthy learning and empowerment..

The Missing Piece in Healthcare

One-on-one visits are essential, but they don't always provide the broader perspective that group programs can offer. In a group setting, you'll gain a wealth of perspectives from fellow participants, which is incredibly valuable. You'll learn from others' experiences and stay motivated through shared commitment to health improvement. Another advantage can be the ease of building trust with healthcare providers and peers in a group setting. Research has shown that this trust is vital for addressing multifaceted health challenges and promoting behavior change.

What to Expect:

With Entavida's Retain Your Brain program, you're in for a transformative experience. Here's what you can expect:

  • Cutting-Edge Cognitive Care: Gain access to expert guidance on the revolutionary ReCODE (Reversing Cognitive Decline) and PreCODE (Preventing Cognitive Decline) programs, developed by the renowned Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access a wealth of tools and resources for goal setting, program tracking, personalized meal plans, kitchen tips, exclusive brain-boosting recipes, sleep improvement advice, and insights into mastering intermittent fasting.
  • Interactive Group Coaching: Engage in 12 weekly live group coaching sessions led by certified ReCODE practitioner Dr. David Ward, DC, offering personalized support and expert advice.
  • Community Connection: Join private group chats for mutual support and shared experiences, enhancing your journey.
  • Nutrition Optimization: Receive expert instruction on tailoring your diet for optimal brain health and vitality.
  • Stress Reduction: Immerse yourself in guided relaxation practices to promote emotional well-being and mental clarity.
  • Accessible Exercise: Benefit from exercise programs designed for all fitness levels, supporting your journey to better brain health.
  • Quality Sleep: Learn guidelines for improved sleep quality, vital for cognitive function.
  • Toxin Reduction: Discover ways to reduce toxin exposure, safeguarding your brain's health.
  • Supplement Savings: Exclusive discounted prices on ReCODE study supplements (optional add-on), enhancing your cognitive health journey.
  • Personalized Profiling: Gain insights into your cognitive health with details on laboratory metabolic profiling and cognitive testing (optional add-on).

Join the Community

Unlock your cognitive potential and enhance your well-being with us. This isn't just a program; it's a vibrant community dedicated to improving cognitive health. Together, we use proven, evidence-based care strategies utilizing elements of the ReCODE 2.0 protocol to proactively preserve and restore your cognitive vitality.

If you're concerned about cognitive decline or have already experienced it, you're not alone. Retain Your Brain is here for you. Let's take this journey together and empower you to retain and restore your cognitive abilities.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. New groups are starting soon and registration for the next group is open now.

Click below to reserve your seat today and let's work on retaining your brain together!

About Entavida

Known for our successful outcomes, the team at Entavida uses an integrative, functional healthcare viewpoint informed by advanced lab testing and your personal story.

Our proven approach to diagnosing and resolving chronic health issues recognizes that lasting health depends on resolving the underlying root causes of your symptoms. Click here to learn more »

Unique Approach

At Entavida, we look at the body in a complete manner. We evaluate systemic imbalances, from immune function to gut and brain health. This allows us to address the underlying causes of your frustrating symptoms that keep you from feeling your best.

We empower you with lifelong health skills and therapies that can help you conquer health challenges. Click here to learn more about our approach.

Your Next Steps

After you have reviewed the information on our website and in our downloadable guides, we’d love to hear from you! We are also available to answer more specific questions about our approach.

Simply apply for a free discovery consult with our patient coordinator at 720.741.7853 or via our online appointment scheduler.

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