For Adult Men

Are you struggling with anger, controling impulses, or find yourself feeling on edge?

Is it hard to express yourself emotionally in intimate or close relationships?

Have you turned to substances, over working, or other means of coping that just don’t fix the problem?

Although men are faced with many different challenges in life, these are all issues that are more commonly experienced by men.

Perhaps you are struggling to manage stress, worry, or overhwelming anxiety or depression.  You may have gone through a distressing life experience which you have yet to fully make sense of.  Perhaps you are experiencing confict in your relationships with friends, famiy, or loved ones.

It may be that you have tried to fix these on your own.  Maybe you’ve talked to a trusted friend or have tried to confide in your partner.  Try as you may though, it may be that you feel frustrated, confused, and unsure of how to really solve the issue.

Counseling may be of support if this sounds like you.  Counseling can help you better express your thoughts and feelings with a partner.  It can also help you in understanding your emotions, balancing work and life demands, managing substance use, and to overall feel more fulfilled in your life.

Our clinicians understand how hard it can be to ask for help.  Men in our society are often taught to just fix it themselves, so asking for help in counseling can be a unique challenge.  Without help though, your relatinoships may suffer or become damaged beyond repair.  You may develop compulsive behaviors or begin abusing drugs or alcohol frequently.  Your work may suffer.  Your happiness may suffer.

The first step is in making the call.  At Entavida, our clinicians come with specialties in work with men and issues unique to men.  We are happy to offer a 20 minute free phone consultation to answer your questions and help you identify if counseling may be right for you.